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Characteristics and functions of polyethylene floating body

Polyethylene floating body is a popular floating material for dredger pipeline. The shell is made of linear medium density polyethylene plastic and filled with polyurethane foam. It has the advantages of small volume, light weight, high buoyancy, wind and wave resistance, aging resistance, long service life and so on. The surface of polyethylene floating body is smooth and wear-resistant. It can be dragged on the beach sand without damage. The product is impact resistant. It can fill water and fall from a height of three meters without breaking.

1、 Characteristics of polyethylene floating body: 1. The floating body has the advantages of impact resistance, wind and wave resistance, compact and reasonable structure, simple installation and excellent performance. It has become the product of choice for customers transporting and discharging sediment. 2. Light weight and high buoyancy. It has good toughness and strong resistance to environmental stress cracking. It is suitable for offshore and Lake construction. 3. It has the advantages of high bearing capacity, light weight, strong wear resistance, easy installation and handling, low transportation and transfer cost, and stable and durable cylinder. 4. Corrosion resistance, strong weather resistance and long service life, which is 3 times that of steel pontoon. It is anti-corrosion, anti freezing and anti-oxidation, and is not eroded by seawater, chemicals and aquatic organisms. Low absorption. 5. The assembly is simple, fast, flexible and diverse. Simple construction and low maintenance cost. 6. The price is low and the cost performance is obviously better than the steel pontoon. Temperature resistance range - 60-80 ℃. 7. Because of its stable quality, novel shape, reasonable price and excellent service, it is deeply welcomed by users. 2、 Functions of polyethylene floating body: 1. Ensure the floating of transmission pipeline on water. 2. The appearance color of orange can be used as a warning sign to prevent impact on the pipeline. 3. It is convenient for the inspection and maintenance of transmission pipeline. 4. Shorten the construction period, reduce the cost and reduce the maintenance cost. 3、 Purpose of polyethylene floating body: it is mainly used for laying on water of sand dredgers, sand blowing ships and dredging transmission pipelines in the sea and rivers and lakes. 4、 Calculation of demand for polyethylene floating body: the floating body is designed according to the buoyancy gravity ratio of 130%, and can float 6m steel pipe and 2m flange rubber pipe. If you want to increase the buoyancy, it can also be designed separately. Please decide according to the specific construction conditions, pipeline weight and sediment density. 5、 Installation of polyethylene floating body: the base plate, bolt and strap provided by the manufacturer shall be used for the installation of polyethylene floating body. The tightness shall be appropriate during installation, and the plastic shall not be deformed. Double nuts shall be equipped during installation. During installation, avoid sharp objects stabbing the floating body.


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