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Introduction of UHMWPE escape pipeline


In order to avoid the danger caused by collapse during tunnel construction, the escape pipeline for tunnel construction is studied, which provides a very safe and reliable basis for escape emergency rescue in highway tunnel construction

The traditional escape pipe is made of steel, but the steel pipe deforms seriously and has poor impact resistance. On the basis of meeting the conventional requirements of escape pipeline, our company has developed a new type of escape pipeline - ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene escape pipeline.

According to the research results on anthropometry by A.R. Tilly, a famous American expert who pioneered the application of anthropometry, it can be seen that when people crawl and move, the crawl height is 800mm under more comfortable conditions, and the diameter of the circular tube is not less than 800mm when crawling through the bottom entrance and exit of the circular hole with full body access. At the same time, considering the actual situation of the highway tunnel construction site, the outer diameter of the emergency rescue channel should not be too large, otherwise it will have a great impact on the construction. Therefore, the specification of the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene escape pipe produced by our company is DN800mm and the thickness is 30mm.

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