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UHMWPE anti impact lamp floats in the East China Sea for the first time

Recently, the floating impact test of anti-collision lamp developed by the navigation mark maintenance standardization studio of Ningbo navigation mark office was carried out in Liuheng water area of Zhoushan. In the test, a red UHMWPE lamp floating on the left with a diameter of 1.5m was used, and hh-130 super lamp and lamp protective cover were installed. As an impact test ship, "Haixun 16405" conducted five impact tests on the light floating, and the ship speeds were 8.6 knots, 10.5 knots, 11.6 knots and 12 knots twice. The ship's two times of direct impact on the middle of the lamp floating frame, two times of direct impact on the lamp protective cover and one time of landing on the metal deck impact on the lamp protective cover. The test lamp floating has withstood the impact test. The lamp protective cover is intact, the lamp still shines normally, and the UHMWPE lamp floating has only slight scratches. Subsequently, the test group used a ship crane to suspend a 3-ton concrete sunken stone to shake and impact the lamp protective cover, the lamp still glowed normally, there were no cracks on the lamp protective cover, only scratches on the surface, and the test was a complete success.

It is estimated that using ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene anti-collision light float to replace the traditional steel light float can save an average of 10000 yuan per aids to navigation every year. If the light float is hit frequently, about 20000 yuan can be saved for AIDS to navigation repair every time it is reduced, which will save a lot of costs for the construction and maintenance of AIDS to navigation for the country, Reduce the operating costs of navigation mark management organizations and relevant navigation mark professional units. At the same time, the popularization and use of UHMWPE anti-collision light float will effectively improve the working efficiency of light float signs and greatly reduce the emergency response frequency of navigation mark management departments, which plays a very important role in improving the navigation environment of ships, ensuring the smooth passage and the development of shipping. At the same time, it will also bring long-term Great social and economic benefits.


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