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Steel buoy

  • Description

1. Model of buoy: FB-2000


2. Structure:

The FB-2000 Buoy is constructed with buoy body, superstructure tower, top mark, tail tube, and marine lantern etc.

The buoy body is made of mild steel plate with thickness of 8mm to be painted with 1 x first coat of phosphate primer and 2 x finishing coats of marine paint.

The Superstructure tower is constructed of mild steel c/w man-guard ring & ladder & 4-legged mounting tower with minimum focal height of 3.65m.  

The tail tube bottom fitted with outer counterweight.


3. Features:


With 2 lifting eyes and 2 mooring eyes.

Tower may be removed for shipping.

Foaming of the buoy hull is optional

Anti fouling paint for under water portion is optional. 

Solar panel/Battery box/Radar reflector is optional.

Excellent buoyancy & stability

Cost effective.

Long service life


3.1 Technical Parameters


2000 mm

Total height

7900 mm

Focal plane height

3600 mm

Nominal Free board

650 mm

Total weight

3100 kgs

Reserve buoyancy

3400 kgs

Float thickness

8 mm

Float material

Steel plate

Float filling


Suitable sinker

4 t

Anchor chain

34mm Dia.



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